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Image by Jens Thekkeveettil

Grant Recipients
The Arts

Figure Models and Guest Artists

Human Sketch

These programs benefit 60 percent of all visual arts students across all grades. Live figure models is a tradition that allows students to study the human form. Professional workshops bring in working artists from around to world to teach students skills such as Shona stone carving, making Ocarina clay wind instruments, and raku firing.

CTE Drama Workshops


Technical theater workshops teach students across all grades how to run a full-scale theatrical production. Through small-group settings, students learn about scene and prop construction, sound engineering, costume design, production management, and more. In each workshop, older students teach and mentor younger students.

Music Guest Artists


Professional guest artists work with every ensemble and student in our music program to enhance and challenge their skills. Many also provide private instruction for underserved students to help them reach the level of their peers. This grant benefits 150 students in the choir, orchestra, jazz, guitar, music tech, concert band, and symphonic orchestra programs.

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