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How to Apply for a Tam High Foundation Grant

The Tam High Foundation Grants Application Process






Twice a year, teachers and administrators are invited to apply for grants that are awarded by the Tam High Foundation. Applications are reviewed by an independent grants committee who then make recommendations to the Tam High Foundation Executive Board. After robust discussions and deliberations, it is the Executive Board who will vote to fund grants that are in alignment with the Tam High Foundation Mission Statement and the goals of our school site and LCAP.

Before you start your application please read the following information and complete this budget spreadsheet which you will be asked to attach to your application. 

      Tam High Foundation Mission Statement 

The Tam High Foundation is a fundraising organization that fosters the academic excellence and emotional and physical well-being of ALL Tam students.

In partnership with Tam High faculty and staff, the Foundation funds grants which support innovative programs, state-of-the-art tools and equitable educational opportunities in order to provide every student with a pathway to success.


          Tamalpais High School SPSA Goals 


THS School-wide Goal 1: Ensuring Effective Core Instruction and Supports for all students

* Provide effective core instruction that is culturally relevant, engaging, and differentiated to meet student learning needs

* Create and maintain a classroom culture and school environment where students and teachers feel valued, safe and connected


THS School-wide Goal 2: Ensuring Supplemental Instruction and Supports for Some Students

* Provide supplemental core instruction for students needing additional time and/or support


THS School-wide Goal 3: Providing Intensive Instruction and Supports for Some Students

* Provide intensive and targeted supports for students who are not successful academically


THS School-wide Goal 4: 

* Provide all students the opportunity and access to grade level instruction, higher level course offerings (AP and Honors) and college and career options in the 21st Century.



            Tamalpais Union High School District LCAP Goals


Goal 1: Curriculum and Assessment System

 Guarantee all students have access to rigorous, relevant and engaging curriculum in all content areas.  

Goal 2: Instructional Programs and Practices

Improve the learning of all students while narrowing the achievement gaps among our student groups.

Goal 3: Community Relations

Improve communication and relationship with the community and stakeholder groups.  

Goal 4: Student Wellness

Support each student’s emotional and social growth and work towards a community where all students feel safe and valued and develop a system of intervention to support the academic and behavioral success of all students.   


Professional Artist Information


Please click here to ensure your request for a Professional Artist meets the new criteria.

Fall Grants 2022 applications are open NOW!

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