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Grant Recipients
Campus Improvements

Outdoor Recycling Stations

Recycling Glass Bottles

These new outside recycling bins follow the in-class recycling containers that were introduced earlier this year. Students in the environmental science class will help educate others about recycling and why it is important for our planet. Eventually, compost bins will also be added with the ultimate goal of diverting trash away from Marin County landfills.

Student Center Remodel


After months of planning, the refurbished Student Center was completed over the spring break. Students can now enjoy the new furniture, snack machines, and games. Many school staff members and volunteers were involved in the process, including parent and architect Phil Rossington, whose design vision brought this project to life.

Staff Lounge Refresh

Coffee and Book

The teacher and staff lounge in Keyser Hall will receive a badly needed remodel, making it a clean and uplifting space. Upgrades include two large tables for collaboration, "booths" to work independently or in pairs, a private work space for up to three people, a lounge space, and a temporary wall to separate the bathrooms from the rest of the space.

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